SMTP email does not work when Assistant is running background

I have many robots that use SMTP email activity.
SMTP send email activity was working fine before, but recently it gets timed out error.

I found a solution from the link below that kill Assistant process (background process as well) and tmp files, and when I do that SMTP email activity works.

I thought the cause was those TMP file.
However, the error occurred again. I deleted tmp files, but the error did not resolve because I did not kill Assistant process.

I found out the Assistant background process was the cause.
There are always four Assistant background process and one UiPath user service in Task Manager.
and if I delete them, SMTP activity works.

The SMTP activity package version is 1.10.4. I cannot upgrade it because my company’s security system somehow does not allow send an email if I upgrade it.

Are there any solution for this??

Try to upgrade the Robot version to a higher version.

Try the

Also, you may need a newer version of the UiPath.Mail.Activities as during the time we fixed multiple issues .

Thank you for your answer.

We have many robots and if UiPath is upgraded, we might have to adjust or modify them since the current UiPath version we use is 10.21.
For a workaround, I added a kill process activity to kill Assistant process and SMTP email is working now.

Thank you for your assistant.

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