SMAX API - Failed to create Incident


I want to create an Incident in Service Management Automation(Microfocus - SMAX) using API.

I use activity HTTP Request. My properties are as follow:

Accepted Format: JSON
Request Method : POST
Request URL: ""
Cookies = LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY=Token
        'entities': [
                        'entity_type': 'Incident',
                        'properties': {
                            'ContactPerson': '',
                            'ImpactScope': 'Enterprise',
                            'IncidentToCompany': '14728',
                            'Urgency': 'TotalLossOfService',
                            'DisplayLabel': 'Non reception du mail de volumetrie d'appel',
							 'CurrentAssignment': 'ServiceDesk',
                            'ServiceDeskGroup': '14546',
                            'ExpertGroup': '14533',
                            'RegisteredForActualService': '15393',
                            'Description': 'This is a test Incident. Please ignore it.'
        'operation': 'CREATE'

I Get the following error as response:

            "errorDetails": {
                "httpStatus": 500,
                "message": "Failed to evaluate DSL expression ${current_update.RegisteredForActualService.IsChanged && entity.RegisteredForActualService.SupportLevel1Group != null && entity.ServiceDeskGroup == null}",
                "developer_message": "",
                "message_key": "failed_to_evaluate_dsl_expression",
                "message_rb": "locale/workflow_errors",
                "message_arguments": [
                    "${current_update.RegisteredForActualService.IsChanged && entity.RegisteredForActualService.SupportLevel1Group != null && entity.ServiceDeskGroup == null}"
                "exceptionType": "WorkflowException"

Do you know what might cause the error?

Kind regards

Hi @mateusz.wojcik

To create an incident in Service Management Automation (SMAX) using the API, you will need to use the CreateIncident API method. This method allows you to create a new incident in SMAX using a JSON request body that contains the details of the incident you want to create. For example, you might specify the title of the incident, the severity level, and any relevant details in the request body.

To use this method in UiPath, you will need to first add a reference to the SMAX API in your UiPath project. You can then use the HTTP activities in UiPath to make an HTTP POST request to the CreateIncident API method, passing in the necessary request body parameters. You can find more detailed instructions and examples of using the SMAX API in the documentation provided by Microfocus.

Hi Kaviyarasu,

Thank you for your answer.
I have already read the documentation. I have not found anything like “CreateIncident” method. Could you please send a link?

Kind regards

I have found what caused the error.
There were non-breaking space character between column name and vale. Non-Breaking space is not accepted by API. In ASCII table it is 160 number. I deleted all spaces and it worked.

‘ImpactScope’: ‘Enterprise’, ->‘ImpactScope’:‘Enterprise’,

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