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I’m using the Smartsheet connector and I’m trying to find a specific sheet in my account.

I’m struggling with what to put in the “Where” field.

The sheet I care about is named “Scorecard”. I’m able to use the activity as you see it to get a list of all of the sheets and then loop through it until I find the sheet I need, but it seems like I should be able to filter the results before I get them through the Where field.

The tooltip seems to contradict itself by stating the “Where clause without the WHERE keyword”, but then it goes on to show the WHERE keyword in the example.


I have tried the following to no avail:


I even asked ChatGPT for a CEQL statement and I tried

“Name equals ““Scorecard”””

Thanks in advance!


Please check this on how to build the ceql query


Hi @Anil_G

Thank you so much for the link! I did read the content at that link but sadly it doesn’t get me closer to a solution.

I’m struggling with the syntax of what a valid CEQL query should look like and there are no examples in that document.

I’ll refer to Google, but would appreciate examples in UiPath if anyone has some to share.


Ideally fo your case "Name = 'Scorecard'"

Should be working…can you try the same

Here both are case sensitive


Thank you so much for your willingness to help! This is one of the great things about the UiPath community!

Using that CEQL statement didn’t throw an error, so that’s a positive, but it returned an unfiltered list of results.


Just to make sure can you see if the sheet scorecard is present

Also …is name a valid identifier?

Open the list of sheets and check the key


It’s definitely present because if I loop through that list of files I do find “Scorecard” eventually.

Here’s what the identifiers are:

Sheets { AccessLevel=“ADMIN”, AdditionalProperties=Dictionary<string, object>(0) { }, Attachments=null, Columns=null, CreatedAt=[08/04/2021 22:37:05 +00:00], CrossSheetReferences=null, DependenciesEnabled=null, Discussions=null, EffectiveAttachmentOptions=null, Favorite=null, FromId=null, GanttEnabled=null, HasSummaryFields=null, Id=REDACTED BY KEVIN, ModifiedAt=[08/04/2021 22:39:29 +00:00], Name=“REDACTED BY KEVIN”, Owner=null, OwnerId=null, Permalink=“REDACTED BY KEVIN”, ProjectSettings=null, ReadOnly=null, ResourceManagementEnabled=null, Rows=null, ShowParentRowsForFilters=null, Source=null, Summary=null, TotalRowCount=null, UserPermissions=null, UserSettings=null, Version=null, Workspace=null },


To check can you use "Name = 'REDACTED BY KEVIN'" and see if it works


It wouldn’t be of any diagnostic value.

I changed those fields before posting the data because I didn’t want to broadcast the file name, ID, or permalink to the internet.


The filters works on those keys only…so in which ever key you have the required value …only that works

The other way would be after retreiving all data to use a filter query


I’ll just download them all and loop through them. It takes longer than it should but it works.

I appreciate your attempt to help!


Instead of looping you can wuery like this

Listsheets.Where(function(x) x.Name.Equals("Nameyouneed")).ToList


Woop! That worked great for me!

I put what you wrote into an assign activity to an array variable and then fed that array into my already written loop, which of course looped just once.


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