Smartsheet Application scope - Oauth authentication issue


I am trying to access smartsheet using OAuth authentication. When I trigger the bot with OAuth creds, bot is landing in a consent window where bot needs to click on Allow or Deny button

But bot is not getting the control back from smartsheet application scope to click on the buttons

I tried parallel activity with a click action, but it is not working either

This could be a bug, how to get out of this issue? Please suggest some solution

Thank you


What you are experiencing is actually by design. When the robot gets to the SmartSheet application scope activity and there is currently no oAuth token on hand, it must attempt to obtain one before continuing. It does so by initiating the oAuth handshake through the browser using a blocking process and it will wait from this process to either complete successfully, error, or time-out before execution is handed back to the main execution process. If you want to use oAuth in an unattended scenario you’ll need to obtain the token in an attended manner first and that token should be non expiring otherwise you’ll need to do this again in the future.

Alternatively, and preferred for an unattended scenario is to use the API Token authentication option which the SmartSheet application scope also supports. This of course does not use a blocking process as described above and execution will continue in a fluid manner.


Thank you for the response Mike.
We have implemented the API authentication steps for interacting with smartsheet.

I have one new issue List rows activity in prod environment.
Activity is resulting in this error : Activity ended with error: Error Code: [202] Message: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
Response status of List rows activity is False. The smartsheet has data in it.
Activity is working as expected in non prod environment but throwing error in prod everytime it runs.

Could you please help me to fix this issue.

Thank you in Advance,