Smart View Connect to Data Source login window being open causes any activity that selects an element to cause studio to crash


I’m trying to use Smart View (Smart View is an Oracle Excel Addin) within Excel to retrieve information from a data cube.

I can click on Smart View -> Panel -> Shared Connections and then select the required server from the drop down and double click on the cube.

At this point a login window pops up (connect to data source). While this window is active if I try to select any element with any activity UiPath then crashes.

I have tried this many many times, restarted the PC ect. Has anyone experienced this or has any ideas PLEASE!!!

Basically I can’t enter any data into the login window because any attempt to indicate a username or password field (or any element not even on the login window) that I do in development mode to select the username or password field will cause studio to crash

I’ve got a feeling that this may be caused because the new machine I am using I haven’t had the java extensions installed yet. If this resolves the problem I will post but I haven’t got admin rights on this machine so will let you know

I had the IT support team install the Java Extensions into studio but this hasn’t resolved the issue so now I’m stuck. If anyone has any ideas that would be great

UiPath support informed me that UiPath has some issues with COM addins in Excel.

As a workaround I am using some VBA functions to login to the addin and pull the data and will run that as a macro or as an invoke code.