Smart-card login does not work - Domain controller not used

How to resolve the Credentials error for Smartcard login?

On enabling Smartcard login in the web.config and flagged the robot password as smartcard pin. Login to console is also enabled. However, when tried to start a job the following error is shown: “Could not start executor. The requested certificate could not be received. (Exception HRESULT: 0x8010002D)”
Eventviewer: StartProcessInSession:session.cpp@255: Unable to validate credentials: error: 214853226.

An “infrastructure” would require one to have a physical card reader and a card with a certificate of the user that the robot is provisioned under.
This certificate is obtained from the domain controller and will be verified with the said domain controller when the robot (or a regular user) will try to create a session.The card needs to physically be inside the card reader when the robot is trying to create a session.