Small issue - newbie here

Hello guys.

I’m trying to learn about UIPath and working on some newbie automation tasks.
Something I’m stuck with. I’m able to use StudioX to launch a notepad and write a line of text, then press enter. Then I would like to type text into a second line, but instead UIPath is launching a second instance of notepad and types the second line into this second Notepad instance. How do I get UIPath to use the same Notepad instance ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you check these solutions?

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Hi @superpippo
Try with Append Line and give full path of existing file

Hello @superpippo

Can you please share a screenshot of your workflow created?


you can write the first line and the second line in the same line for example:

"This is our very first robot in the first line"+"[k(enter)]" + "This is still our first robot in the second line"