Slpit the message box to line

this is the out put from PDF extraction
i want to sperate this as lines and write in a excel row by row
how can i slipt is row by row if so

@Tharusha_Fernando - Do you want only the below potion?


Hi @prasath17
no i want below part also
pdfoutput =new.txt (789 Bytes)
tablebeforeextraction=Bank Statement Template 1 - TemplateLab.pdf (2.1 MB)

@Tharusha_Fernando - Please use Preserve format to true, while using read pdf to text activity and share the text file?

BTW: Have you tried this with Document Understanding ??

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You will split the string to an array of strings and then loop over it with for each activity to put it you excel.

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it work
how can i now write the excel
do i need to split
how to make this a array @prasath17

new.txt (3.2 KB)

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando - Please find the starter help here… (1.9 MB)

I have achieved it using Regex, which may/may not the best approach depend on the needs.

Hope this helps…

I have also provided the Regex pattern used in the workflow…here is the sample below

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thank you @prasath17

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