Slow Selector selection when Open and Attach Browser is combined

If you use Open Browser together with Attach Browser and in there have a Selector activity like Element Exists. The Selection is super slow!!!

See this video to get an idea how slow it is. But this shown in the video is still fast! In my actual process I have even more activities and there the selection even freezes and needs 1 min before Windows is reacting again. This is terrible and is actually a huge bug!!!
2019-12-16-11-28-16.7z (1.6 MB)

To reproduce take this process. But again the selection is slow but the trouble of freeze is not happening here. You will need more activities and use of multiple windows to reproduce it.
Sequence2.xaml (7.2 KB)

Let me know if you need more instructions on this.

You can reduce the timeout for the element exist activity so that it will be little more faster. By default the timeout may be 30000 milli-sec, try reducing the timeout.

you are using non default activities inside that workflow right? but again what is the point here? you want to be able to run dozens of instances of browsers doing lots of activities and never slow down?

Well I just use the usual activities. Just look at the example process and you will see it’s slow…

I just use one Browser not many…

Please next time take some time and go into my detailed description. Thank you!

I just created another new Process.

Here I have the same issue. Here the steps to reproduce:

  1. New Process
  2. Hit Recording → Desktop → Record
  3. Hit Start Button
  4. Now drag mouse over different elements
    → freeze

I’m not able to go further, like tracking what I type down in the search bar of Windows search.

Is this my system? Can someone check this out?

Using Studio 2019.10.2

Well I did try to open the project but as I said there were indeed more than one package dependencies that prevented me from opening it…

Which one do you mean?


the project does not have that problem anymore, but with all do respect, i dont understand why you would create such a project, you have an open browser and inside it you have an attach browser and inside it you have an activity which have a full selector to a third application, i think maybe it is why it could get some problems…

No those activities inside do for sure NOT have a full selector. Just the minimum selector that is really needed.

So if I use “Open browser” the “Attach browser” is not needed anymore? This is doubled and obsolete?

I currently did not see this but it could be. Could you confirm that?

Yes, if you are inside an open browser and you are working in the same web site, you wont need an attach browser anywhere inside it, unless maybe it will be like a popup window or something like that… Full selectors are the ones that starts with the applications and/or windows, but when we have activities inside open or attach windows whe dont need and imo should not use full selectors…

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