Slow Robot Execution after clicking "Run"

Hey all! I’m experiencing some issues with the robot performance recently, hope that someone can help with this :frowning:

I have a workflow on REFramework and executing it via Studio (for dev). The workflow is currently at 350 kB, but the first activity after initialisation is immediately to have a Dialog Box with a user selection. It can take up to 3-5 mins just for the “UI” icon at the taskbar to appear, followed by the pop up box.

PC Specs:
Windows 10 Pro

Actions that have been taken to resolve this:

  1. Reinstalled UiPath. Current version is 2020.10.2
  2. Cleared %temp% path

Any other actions I can take to help resolve this? Would appreciate some help :pray:

Hi @Nisa

I am not sure why it is happening but you can give timeout to input dialog box.

Please check the below post might help you.


Hey @Latika10011740, thanks for your response. I think you’re misunderstanding the question. I meant that it is taking time for the robot to start after clicking the “Run” button. There is a lag time of 3-5 mins between clicking “Run” and the first input dialog box, even though it is expected to appear in 2-10 secs.

Hope it’s clearer now!

You can go into debug mode and turn on all logging options (trace,…).
Then go into the log file, look at the timestamps and see what it does in that time.
Detailed logging can be even slower so you have to wait for it to start in addition to your mysterious 3-5 minutes maybe.

That might help.

What happens if you set max retry to 0? Maybe it retries something several times with a 60 seconds timeout (unlikely but possible).

Hey @TastyToast,

Sorry for the late response, didn’t get an email notification on it.
There’s still nothing going on with trace enabled, just a mysterious 3 min delay from the moment I click “Run”, to the point when the robot icon appears in the taskbar.

Max retry is 0 too, so it shouldnt be an issue with that :confused:

I’m stumped because it’s taking wayyyyy to long to start the robot after I make some changes and want to test things out.


Have you found a solution to this problem yet?
I’m having same issue and cant solve it


Hey @Ahmed_Gamal1, sorry for the delayed response. It’s been 2 years since I posted this and I’m in a different environment now, so I don’t remember if was resolved. However, I’m not experiencing this with the 2021 or 2022 version now.