Sliding Window

I am using Windows 8 Operating System. I am trying to automate my connectivity to my Wifi.
The problem is when i click on the wifi symbol, the window slides with the name of the wifi’s. I am not able to capture that.

Could anyone help me with this.

@loginerror - Could you please help me with issue

Could you provide a screenshot? It would help to visualize the issue.

@loginerror - Which screenshot do you want to take.

Just of the wifi window open on Windows 8

So when i click on the Wifi symbol on the windows tray, a slides pop’s up with the list of names and i need to select them. But i tried using both Desktop and Manual recording. But i was not able to do so.

Thank you. On Windows 10 it looks a bit different, but I also cannot click any option upon opening the menu (UIExplorer does not see it as selectable).

However, after one click to open the list, I can press TAB a few times to get the focus onto the list of networks and then DOWN key to select a network.

I don’t see a way to select the proper one using selectors though, as you would need to check if the name of the network is correct.

You could also try some Image recognition activities, such as Click Text.

Last tip for selectors. When using UI Explorer, you can press F2 to temporarily pause the selection to be able to open the menu first with a single click first.

Thanks @loginerror - But i tried all those options mentioned. Since i was not able to figure it out i searched in the forum for answer, but couldn’t find any.

Maybe trying to connect to the network manually would help?