Slide Bar to Right

Hi All,

I have the below use case. Let me know how can I achieve this.

1)Slide the bar to the extreme right.

2)Using mouse hover , hover to the grey task bar and click on the traingle symbol once it appears.

@marina.dutta - In most cases, elements on the page like this can be clicked by the robot without it being visible on the screen (no need to scroll) as long as you can capture the element with Indicate wlement on screen, you should be good to go:

If that fails, try to check/uncheck the Send Windows Messages and SimulateClick properties:

Hope this helps!

@argin.lerit Thanks .Will try

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  1. Try using simulate or send windows messages
  2. You can sue mouse hover activity which will mostly automatically slide then perform click as needed


@marina.dutta - Thanks! Let me know if it works! :slight_smile: