Skipping header line

How do I skip the header line (row 1) and look for data starting from row 2 in an excel sheet using UIPath Studio

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Set range as β€œA2”

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Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK

Please try this steps,

  1. Read the excel and Store in a datatable variable name dtTable.

  2. Use remove datarow activity and remove the first row,


  1. In Assign activity
    dtTable = dtTable.asenumerable.skip(1).copytodatatable

  2. If you want to skip actuall headers you can tick addHeader property in read range.




Please follow @prasath_S’s answer, we always uncheck AddHeaders property of Read Range activity when we do not want heardes in datatable.

most imp is that, when you write same datatable using Write Range activity, again uncheck AddHeaders property of Write Range activity, it’s by default uncheck.

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Did you issue get resolved?

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Yup thank you!

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