Skip XML tag if other tag is not present


I have a XML that I would like to iterate through, and only assign where < SalesDocuments> exists.

<Soap:Envelope xmlns:Soap=“”>
<ReadMultiple_Result xmlns=“urn:microsoft”>
< DTorderkort>
< Key>28</ Key>
< Reg_No>xxx</ Reg_No>
< VIN>xxx</ VIN>
< SalesDocuments/>
</ DTorderkort>
< DTorderkort>
< Key>28;</ Key>
< Reg_No>xxx</ Reg_No>
< VIN>xxx</ VIN>
< SalesDocuments>
< Key>36</ Key>
< HeaderDocumentType>Order</ HeaderDocumentType>
< HeaderNo>100001</ HeaderNo>
</ Sales_List>
< Sales_List>
< Key>36</ Key>
< HeaderDocumentType>Order</ HeaderDocumentType>
< HeaderNo>100002</ HeaderNo>
</ Sales_List>

How do I skip the first and only do my assigns on the second ?

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Hi @Michaeljep
Instead of skipping you can do assign though the below post

Ashwin S

I’m not completely sure how to use decendants or the childs, so the post doesn’t quite help me in the way I would like.

The first < DTorderkort> doesn’t contain < Sales_Documents>, so I would like to skip those elements, and only do my three assign and the for each run through of the Sales docments on the second < DTorderkort>

the info on the first < DTorderkort> can be different to the second, so if Sales documents is empty look for the next.

However you have to pay attention to the namespace definition
you would fetch the < DTorderkort> with descendants, then you can proces e.g. filtering the no containing saledDocuments, .etc…

we can help you on this faster with an uploaded sample XML.

I dug a bit deeper and managed to achieve it by doing a “For each” on the < DTorderkort> containing a for each on the Sales Documents, this gives me the last occurrence of the DT order that contains sales documents.

Have a look on this prototyping showcasing

  • direct access 2 DTorderkort element
  • retrieving all DTorderkort elements, but filtering out DTorderkort NOT having Sales_List Element(s)

Kindly note: first DT has an empty SalesDocuments thats why it was alligned on the condition “having Sales_List”

However it can adopted to your needs, once you give more details

Demo XAML here
Michaeljep.xaml (10.9 KB)


Excellent, thanks for your time and help, great with the where() function.

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