Skip row in for each row

Hello all, i need help
I have to compare row1 & row2, row2 & row 3, row3 & row4…row7 & row 8…

  • Loop Row1 compare Row2 → not same → Action2
  • Loop Row2 compare Row3 > not same → Action2
  • Loop Row3 compare Row4 > same → Action1 → skip loop Row4
  • Loop Row5 compare Row6 > not same → Action2

Because when check row3&4 same data, my app will combine row3&row4 → don’t have row4 to compare Row5. Continue to Row5 compare Row6

Hi @anh.nguyen,

If you want to iterate to the next row, you can use the Continue activity. This will force the loop back to the beginning and take the next row

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Where I can put Continue activity ? into if condition true ?

Yes I believe it’d go into the Then part of your If statement

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see this
DLV015.xaml (1.3 MB)


  1. if equal, add idx+1 to list,
  2. then at loop start, check if list contains idx, if contains then continue

I want ask more how to compare all row excel to find same data row. Condition P(6char)& AL same)
Ex: row1 compare all row (row2-last row) → not same action1
row2 compare all row (row3-last row) → have same data row4,5 → action2
skip loop row3,4
row5 compare all row (row6-last row) → have same data row6,7 → action2

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