Skip Restart for Certain Application Errors

Hi everyone. I would love some advice for making certain application errors behave as a business rule exception, thereby skipping the complete restart in REFramework.

To give some context, sometimes the source of our data can be corrupted or show up blank, and it would be too much effort to create a busines exception for each field we are trying to parse.

Instead, all of these errors would start with the message “The index was…” etc. In the current method, this throws an application error and restarts all processes and systems.

Instead, how could I catch this application error and instead of sending it through the systemerror path, instead send through the business exception path?

Here is what I am going to try:

I’ve added a new catch for the catch block of the Process XAML. In this, I’ve added the system.applicationexception catch and I tested exception.message for the phrase i am looking for. If it contains the text, I assigned BusinessRuleException to New BusinessRuleException(“Index Error”) and if not, I assigned SystemError to exception.

Will this work?

This definitely is one of the ways you can do it.
If you can preemptively check the value of the cells to determine the text, then you may not need to do this inside a catch block.
If you check each value for the target text, you may use ‘Throw’ activity to generate a BusinessRuleException directly.