Skip link in message body

Hi All,

Can you please advise

Bot is reading message body.
The case is that sometime a user send a message from phone (iPhone) and there is a link included in a body which I do not want to read.

So when I have a body like that
all is fine

But while I have
I have problems

This how I ready body currently

I think there is a small change to be added. Any idea?


First find the index where you have (or not) the link like this:

varIndex = Array.IndexOf(var_array_mailMessage, “Get Outlook for IOS”)
IF varIndex > 0

Ok I was able to add first Assign
varIndex = Array.IndexOf(var_array_mailMessage, “Get Outlook for IOS”)
(varIndex is Int & var_array_mailMessage is Strin
then when
IF varIndex > 0
is true I add another Assign
var_array_mailMessage = var_array_mailMessage.RemoveAt(varIndex)
and I have an error saying removeat is not member of “SystemArray”

that was my bad, RemoveAt is an extension, since arrays cannot be changed… i guess you should use that same IF condition where you will use that data and just ignore it instead of removing…

I think I do not get it

i dont know what you are doing with the text, but use the same condition to skip that line with the link…

I gave firstly Assign

and then a Switch which determinate what should be done depends on what is in a message body

i would create another case for the link text and just dont do anything…