Skip few fields defined in Taxonomy when it goes to AC?

Can we skip few fields defined in taxonomy when it goes to ActionCenter?
Suppose I have defined Taxonomy for InvoiceNumber, Amount, Tax , Phonenumber. Due to confidence issues when it goes to AC can we skip the InvoiceNumber and Phonenumber but pass Amount and Tax fields to Document Validation Action?
Something like a toggle beside the field which says shows in AC/Validation action!!!

Hi @Apoorva_Goud

That is not possible with DU activities, i think that a good workaround could be creating your own form using long running workflow activities, there you can manage the info you want to show and users to edit


Thanks but our requirement revolves around Actions only, we aren’t including Forms, its that if percentage extraction is low for selected fields they need to go to AC for validation.


Please check this…you can try editing the taxonomy data and then try to present

Hope this helps


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