Skip activity when retry same transaction

Hi Team,

As per the design the BOT has to click check box on both “Is team requisition & Is team received” fields.

When bot retry the same transaction due to application exception… the bot is unchecking those fields.

  1. Check/uncheck activity is not working on this element ( looks like this is not check button element)

  2. Get attribute activity also not useful ( since property explorer does not have any unique value when it is checked/unchecked)

How to Skip bot clicking on check box on these 2 field when it is retrying the same transaction?

Hi @Sathish_Kumar_S ,

Have you Checked with the UiExplorer the differences in the Selector and also the with the Check Box Clicked and Unclicked ?

If possible, Could you Share the Screenshots (Both) of the whole UiExplorer window here ?

Result when using check/uncheck activity:

I didn’t see any difference in values in property explorer and selector


we would recommend to inspect also the elements around this element, as you had shared with us a label element.


I believe you are spying a label element…Can you try hovering mouse over it while indicating may be there is some other element or you can verify from inspect element on browser as well…

If you identify the element properly then you might get the checked and unchecked value

Try hovering over check box if nothing highlights separately check the html using inspect element



@ppr @Anil_G Is it possible to do something with Retry number variable value?

Like retrynumber=0 only click on check box else do nothing?

How to use retry number variable or argument in Process.xaml?


May I know which retry you are talking about?


transactionitem.retryno option?


You can create condition using it…And that would be available only when you use queues.


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yes i am using queue… Is it possible to invoke this inside process.xaml

May i know the if condition to check box only for first time not after exception occured?

transactionitem.retryno=0 or transactionitem.retryno=1?

Enabling check box only if transactionitem.retryno=0 and it worked

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