Sisense Services Stopped After A Server Patch Causing Insights To Not Function As Expected

Why does Sisense services go down after a server patch? How to prevent the need to manually enable them each time the server is patched or rebooted?

Note: This is applicable for Sisense-Supported Insights versions, i.e. up until v2021.4.

Sometimes, the underlying Sisense services that are responsible for Insights to function correctly may stop after a server patch or reboot, causing the data in Insights to not reflect as expected, or in other cases, the application to behave in an unexpected way. Check if any of the services are down by navigating to,

  • "services.msc" on the Insights server
  • "{InsightsURL}/app/test" in the browser

When applying a Windows patch, sometimes the Insights server gets restarted, but if the Sisense services are set to "Automatic", they should restart by themselves. Check with Windows Admin person and create a PowerShell script that does periodic checks on services, and restarts them if they are not up.

This would be more of a Windows related concern than Sisense in itself.

Below are some helpful online readings:

The local IT team should be able to provide additional insight on this issue.