Single sign on / single credential across all UiPath sites

I currently have to remember multiple credentials for UiPath related sites and this only seems to grow by the day -

Would be good if the experience was more seamless


We all are using same credentials only across all UIpath sites.

Oh! I started with academy. My academy credentials do not work on this site (forums) and I had to sign up separately. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

Hi @goodoldme

You’re right and it is being worked on. It is trickier than we would like it to be, but we’ll get there :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure Go!, Connect and Platform all have the same account already. Forum and Academy will follow.


Thanks, @loginerror. And congrats on the anniversary! :cupcake:

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.