Single Process for 2 Differnt Jobs

Hi I would like to check is it possible to have 1 process to run 2 different jobs?
I have a program that needs to run on a weekly basis and on a monthly basis. However the output for the 2 jobs are different. Everything else in the program is the same. Is it possible to indicate it in the scheduler is it a monthly process or a weekly process so the program knows which to run?

For example the scheduler have an input saying it’s monthly and the program will take that input to run the correct flow and get the monthly output.

I think u can schedule that based on the input parameter

If input is monthly it will run monthly basis

If input is yearly it will run on yearly basis

I was also thinking that i can use the input parameter. However i am not so sure how to use it. Can explain? The documentation provided by UIpath was not that helpful.

Hi all i have just figured it out. I am using the REFramework so I have to create a argument in the main workflow. Then I can just input it in parameter.

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