Single Node Orchestrator Upgrade

Orchestrator upgrade 2020.10.8

For upgrading the Orchestrator we can provide you with the official documentation that will help you with the process.

Please review and follow the steps described in the links below:

1. Hardware requirements and Software requirements

2. Prerequisites for installation

3. Upgrading and Migrating

4. Services that the Robot connects to

Before starting, please ensure that the following steps are performed:

Step 1 Take a complete backup of the website including the web.config file (from the physical path of the orchestrator website in orchestrator server)

Step 2 Take a complete backup of the database.

Step 3 Perform the upgrade

Note: most of Orchestrator's configuration settings have been moved to UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config:

  • connection strings
  • appSettings
  • NLog configuration
  • Quartz configuration
  • the encryption key

Common Checklist:

  • Please verify that the app pool user/database user is having all the necessary access for installation as well as being able to login to the database with the necessary privileges (db_creater, db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin, db_owner)
  • Make sure to stop the existing orchestrator website from IIS before starting the upgrade.
  • Ensure that you have given the AppPoolIdentity user details correctly. e.g. username as domainname\username and the correct password in case of a custom account.