Since 2022.10 version sometimes my bot doesn't execute the commands in the pane, how come?

I have a type into activity and I want to have the hardware input so no simulate or send messages type but even if I uncheck this as both false the bot keeps doing simulate type, how can I solve for this? Is this a bug or an issue in the raw code I can change? I also tried creating a new type into activity but no luck, what can be the cause? I actually split the code in notepad with the new release as the programme became extremely slow (it still is). Can this be the cause? Everytime I execute it it refers back to Simulate type in the selection window btw

Hi @Marco_Willigenburg

Could you please record a small video of this weird behaviour?

Also - does the same happens on the new project with latest versions of all the packages?

@Marco_Willigenburg what version of UIAutomation.Activities package are u using and what is the target application? How did you determine that simulate is used? Can you record a video so we can take a look? Thank you. G