Simulated double-click timing argument


Didn’t find any Idea related to this.

Would it be possible to add an argument to Double Click that would regulate timing between clicks?
It would enable using WindowMessages and Simulate methods with more applications as they do accept it, but it’s just going to fast. Workaround with DelayAfter/Before and using 2 single clicks is less than elegant.

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approximately how fast is the doubleclick from your observation?

Hardware: 200ms (depending on machine - on some VMs it’s been 201 - 290)
WindowMessages: 4ms
Simulate: 2-3ms

Some applications freak out with that speed.

Attached sample for testing. (5.2 KB)

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Oh, that’s pretty short indeed.
Thanks, will look into this. What are some apps that freakout with Simulate and/or WM?

Thanks for reporting the issue and for the workflow sample!

I quickly checked the source code and you are right, for “SendWindowMessages” there is no delay between mouse messages and that may cause issues with some applications. We’ll add the same delay as for hardware events method.

The “Simulate Click” method only supports simple click (no double, right or middle click) and two Simulate Click won’t generate a double click. We should throw an error if double click is used with simulate but that might break some robots so for now we keep it like this for compatibility reasons.



Hi Cosin,

Could you add some details how it was solved? Did you add an argument or hardcoded it?

We hard-coded the same delays as for the hardware event clicks


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