Simulate type: text does not persist after the actvity

So I’m at a certain point in my workflow where I am trying to automate the creation of a Google Form, and when I try to fill in a ‘question’ text box, the simulate type activity types out the text I want it to but once the activity ends, the text disappears. This does not happen when I have it set to ‘Windows Message’ or ‘hardware Events’.

If you want to try this for yourself, go to, create a blank form, and after you give the form a title, try to use a simulated type activity for the first question. Also I’m using Studio 2020 10.2 edition if that makes a difference.

Any Ideas on how to get simulate type to work for this?

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You can try to give some delay in properties->DelayBetweenKeys


You can use Set Text Activity also

Hope this helps you


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I’ll try those, thanks!