Simulate click works in normal project but not in REFramework


I find it weird that the simulate click for the same selector works when used in a normal process, but stops working when tested from a file in a REFramework project. Anyone faced the same issue before ? Any suggestions ?

FYI, I can’t send window messages because the UI of the app I’m working on acts weirdly when I try Send window messages

Thank you all in advance

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Can you send me the screenshot of the actual error you are getting???..

can you share screen shot?

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@Manish540 @sschowdary Thank you for answering, there is no error, it’s just that the action is not performed, the robot executes and nothing happens

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You can try with Image activities or Computer Vision activities.

@lakshman I can’t use image activities, I really want to understand why it works in anormal process but not in ReFramework


It’s not an issue with REFramework also. If it will work in normal then here also it will work. May be some thing going wrong here.


I’m using the same test.xaml file in both projects, with the same activity and the same selector. One works, the other doesn’t :frowning:


Yes i understood your issue. That’s why I suggested you to use some other alternative method.

@lakshman It seems it wasn’t an issue with REFramework but it was UiPath.UIAutomation dependency’s version. My simulate click works on versions >= 19.7.0. In the new project the version was 19.4.0.

Thank you

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