Simulate Click was checked after new UiPath Version installed

Hello, I moved from the community edition to the enterprise edition. I created a bot in the community edition that has selectors. The SimulateClick were all unchecked in the community edition, however when I moved to the enterprise edition all the SimulateClicks became checked. Is this normal? Is this something I will have to watch out for in the future if there are any version updates done to UiPath?

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Hi @kapter by default simulateclick is unchecked if you drag an drop the click activity and configure it. Now, if you use recorder it is checked by default. Im not sure why it changed when you migrated from community to enterprise, but that`s not a normal behavior

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This is something new i m seeing,
are we sure that the SIMULATE click property was disabled in the community edition and if its disabled for sure may be it could be due to new updated uipath version

but i have tried previously on migrating from community to enterprise and i havent seen any changes in the properties of click actvitiy in specific and as @Artur_Bueno said its not a normal behaviour

Cheers @kapter

Thank you