Simulate click not working in GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio

I am using UiPath Studio 2018.4.4.
I have a problem with simulate click in GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio. When i uncheck simulate click it works fine when i try to check simulate click or send windows message because i need to work with it in background then it’s not working. I have already tried and click text with send windows message but it’s still not working. Please give me some advice how to solve that.

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Hi @sjankus

I confronted many condition like you too.
Sometimes, I can perfectly solve it by adjust selector.
After all, the selector’s content is the most important influence in click element activity.
But most of the time, maybe my applications don’t fully support UiPath’s SimulateClick or SendWindowsMessages.
So I advise you to try change operation from click to type into or send hotkey,
with checked SendWindowsMessages.
According to personal experience, not every process can be run in background.

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