Simulate click is not working on certain elements

Simulate click is not working on certain elements.

Below is the html piece of code of the ui element:
“< span uipath_custom_id=“7” >Drop files here to upload< /span >”

UiPath selector generated is :
" <webctrl parentid=‘frmTarget’ tag=‘SPAN’ />"

is there any other property for this element, in HTML there is a ID and when you indicate this using uiExplorer check the other properties. if there are any and make sure which is not dynamic, if the ID value is dynamic then replace that value by * else if it always 7 you can use that.

There are no other properties

can you please share UiExplorer screen shot for this element.?

Click on Attach live element and open uiExplorer Tree.

Have you tried the complete selector with the browser and everything?