Simulate Click giving different results between 2 identical sites (just a different URL)

Greetings fellow roboteers,

I’ve just finished building a full process, and it relies on Simulate Click throughout. This has worked fantastically through all of QT and UAT. Today was the first day we tried looking at the live site for the automation, however, upon changing the Asset to look at the live URL (the only change, no change in environments etc.) the automation has stopped working.
After some digging around, we have come to the conclusion that Simulate Click needs to remain unchecked when looking at the live URL.
The Selectors for both Test and Live are identical and will validate to both sites. But the Click will refuse to happen if Simulate is checked.

Has anyone come across this? Do you happen to know of a fix?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @JustAPo

you could try to change some key parts in the selector of the click activity to a wildcard(*) And what error are you getting?



Try to activate before use the Click Activity for Simulate Click, if any error occurred check the exception screenshot for anyother popup or some different pages displayed.

I assume you have not used OffSetX, OffSetY for the click activity.

Hi @BjrnUitenbroek,

I’m not getting any error messages (well I am, but at a later part in the workflow when it checks for arrival to a page)
The Trace line shows the Click being fired and executed, but it isn’t reflected on the site.
The Selector works and validates, and works when Simulate Click is unchecked.


Hi @sarathi125,

There is no offset used, just working off the Selectors. There is no error occurring, the click just doesn’t happen (although the activity is fired)