Simulate click error

Hi expert :
May I ask a question about automation for click
When I set a easy click and enable “Simulate click” , system response a error message is 「Invalid mode parameter in Click method」
It’s very strange.
thanks for your helping.


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use a normal click activity and enable this property

– try with sendwindow message property
but dont enable both
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@irol - Simulate click does not work for double click. You need to use SendWindowsMessages if you want it to work in the background still for double clicks. Otherwise standard (no boxes checked) will work for double click as well, but it doesn’t work in the background as the element must be visible and active


Hi Dave
How can we get detail limits between simulate click and SendWindowsMessages . I have already survey some knowlege , below picture

Unfortunately there isn’t much to do other than guess and check. I usually start with simulate type/click as the default and if it doesnt work try SendWindowsMessages, and if that fails as well then use the default.

For click activity, this is what i’ve discovered through trial and error:
Double-click: Does not work with SimulateClick
Right-click: Does not work with SimulateClick or SendWindowsMessages. Only works with default
Middle-click: Does not work with SimulateClick (it performs a left click instead).

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