"simulate click" does not work when windows screen is locked

Dear friends,

I have an unattended process (already deployed an time-scheduled in Cloud Orchestrator - Community Edition) where I open a browser and want to login into https://secure.wufoo.com/login/.

When the windows screen is locked, and the process starts to run - I get the following error message: Click ‘INPUT saveForm’: Timeout reached.

When I change the process and use the “simulate click” on true, nothing happens and the next step of the process trows an error, because he cannot find the UiElements - which would normally occur after successfull login.

Probable Reason:
As you can see, the login-part is (light grey) a container:

What activity or method can I use to login into the website in a locked windows screen mode?

Thank you,

BR. - Robert

Found it myself. Instead of simulationClick I used sendmessage in the click activity configuration

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