Simplifying ReFramework Question

Hey guys, in moving to the ReFramework format for running a bot process, I found that there are things that I’m wanting to use it specifically for the way it operates (logging, error handling and being able to reset the bot, simplified process arrangement).

But also noticed how some of the structure like the initialization seems unnecessarily overcomplicated, for example I typically don’t use a config file I just hold values I need for variables within the bot, which removes the need for an external json document and getting all those values exported in while accomplishes the same end result. There are also what seem like too many files incorporated in the bot process (why have separate ‘get transaction’ file when you can just put that sequence into the bot) etc.

Is there specific benefits to how it default setup? I feel like I’m finding a way to use the same structure and get benefits of the state machine without any unnecessary complexity.

The entire RE Framework is messy and overcomplicated. I wrote my own “framework” template that I use that handles everything. The biggest improvement you can make is ditching config files and using arguments/parameters instead (for unattended, until they fix that parameters are broken in Assistant). Also, their insistence on every little step being in a separate xaml file is absurd, inefficient coding methodology. I often see automations where the xaml files have only one or two Activities in them (or heck, even none), which makes dealing with in/out arguments unnecessary overhead.

Glad to hear it wasn’t just me. Yes I had similar thoughts; take what’s good about the RE Framework and simplify it.