Simplify Feature Set


What are the most useless features in UiPath? Those that we could remove and nobody will notice.
What are the most stupid features in UiPath? Those that instead of solving a problem get you into trouble when using.



I never used click event

  1. The price of the license requires an end to end (or the majority of it) process to be deployed on a single machine.
  2. the process needs to be, or at least most of them, a stand alone process. .

Used Hotkey event once.

I work in the BPO industry and none of these features will help me with my automation.





Create Variable Wizard from Ribbon. The Inline create variable is enough.


Seconded @Lavinia on Create variable from ribbon.
Sidenote - it’s also a little bit misleading, since “Global scope” from there actually means top level for this workflow. This can be confusing for people used to actual global variables. Same goes for “Promote to Global Scope” from Manage Variables.

Manage Variables -> Remove unreferenced I could see useful, but I’m always a little hesitant with it (confirmation box with a list of what would be removed could help or even a change to Show unreferenced instead of removing them to give more agency to the dev in deciding what he wants to keep and what not).

Most frustrating thing to work with so far - clipping regions for OCR. Scraping single labeled fields is ok with the, but the moment you need to make relative regions based on other elements positions it’s a walk in the dark.
Something like HighlightRegion (with absolute coordinates and relative to an element, also taking Region object as a possibility) or HighlightCurrentClippingRegion could make a huge QoL difference.
Also clear documentation when Current Clipping Region changes, as it’s still a lot of trial and error (where you end up offshooting by half the screen because some FindImage activity changed it).
From forums (some question topics, automation challenge with it and even some private messages) I can see that I’m not the only one that finds it very hard to work with and being able to just do “dumb” coordinate-based scraping easily is definitely missing.

Debug window - while it’s definitely good to have it, the fact that it gives just [yourVariable].ToString() makes it very limited for ref types and if someone is used to any IDE debugging it’s a major loss. It’s understandable why it works that way, but still ;(
In current state I wouldn’t say it gets into trouble territory, but definitely has dimnished value.

Debug -> Slow Step. Used it in the beginning a couple of times, didn’t bother later. I find it much more efficient to run debug to a breakpoint and then use steps.

GetAncestor activity - never used it. Element.Parent or Element.TopParent were always enough.

@beesheep - by click event and hotkey event, do you mean Click/Mouse/HotkeyTrigger activities (used in MonitorEvents scope)? These are most useful in FrontOffice operations and in personal automations from community edition. We haven’t used them much either to be honest…


@andrzej.kniola, exactly those. I mean, if you want to deploy a robot to run on demand… You know what, it can be helpful but I see no use in my case :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work pal! :sunglasses:


hi ,

You could remove the above “customize ribbon tool bar”.:+1:


The properties toolbar is one set of elements I think nobody uses. Maybe somebody has some real use cases for it?


I think all Double Click activities can be removed.

Since all the Click activities have property Click Type, which can be set to single or double as per the requirement.



The “Comment” activities. it should instead be an attribute that could be applied to an activity and that automatically affected the children.


I think comments are already a bit deprecated since we have annotations, which are exactly what you said.


TBH I still find comment activity useful, strictly because it’s a separate activity - they are great for TODO / FIXME type notes.
Not saying annotations are bad, they’re not, but I think these 2 things serve different purpose, or at least can serve different purpose.


Fair enough, i can see the use cases for that.


As long as you don’t remove Outline search - that is one of the most useful features!


:smiley: I think you’re one of the few people that actually use it.
We won’t remove it buuuut…we’ll move it in a more general search feature. It will be available in beta soon :sunny:


It was more useful before you got the error to find where the problem is but if you know what an activity is called you simply search for it in the worfklow and are taken directly to it.


I use outline search often as well. thank you @richarddenton :slight_smile:


I use comment activity too, I use annotations to explain -high level - activities for the robot and the comments with the purpose of making the source code easier for other humans to understand, in this case myself.