Simple RegEx question

I’m just starting with RegEx, seems like a great thing but unfortunately my knowledge is limited…
i need to read through invoices and enter some info to a spread sheet.

  1. Invoice No. 7334/00148461
    i don’t know how to overcome “.”? It is always after No
    Without dot this one is good, what do i need to add?:


  1. Job
    994 HUNTERS HILL Page 1 of 1

i need to enter job name, in this instance “994 HUNTERS HILL”
word “job” is always on the own line.
And page number is aways on the same line as a job name.
Job names can be absolutely different, from just numbers to a sentence.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Hi @natasha6 ,

The period can be escaped using a forward slash like so →

(?<=Invoice No\.\s).*

As for the second text, you can detect the required section using this pattern →



Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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