Simple copy paste

I have an Open Office calc document (spreadsheet) with 4 cells I want to copy and then paste to Wordpad.

Recording doesn’t do it; Get Text doesn’t allow me to select the specific cells, and I can’t find a Paste command.

Please help.

Hi @JoeCap,

In the below Package is having a activity called “Copy Data”. Using this you can copy the data into Clipboard. can paste it anywhere.


I’d like to add to this thread by asking a similar question:

I have a file that I can see via a remote desktop connection. Within this RDP session I’ve managed to have UIPath manipulate the mouse so it has copied the file.

Now I want to paste the file to the desktop of the UIPath server (not the desktop in the RDP session). What activities can I use to “paste” the file?

I can’t seem to get UIPath via recording to do a simple right-click and then choose paste.