Similar ideas added to Automation Hub

When two or more users add the same process to Automation Hub with few differences in parameters, does Automation Hub have the intelligence to suggest if these ideas are similar and can be merged?

I don’t believe it does, but you can (manually) mark an idea as “duplicate”.

When submitting an idea, there is algorithm that uses the keywords in the Title and the selected categories to identify potential duplicates. A duplicate is identified only when you have selected the same categories, not different ones.

Hi @Iulia_Istrate, can you please let us know which categories needs to be identical in order for the algorithm to identify duplicates. Also will title needs to be exact similars for both the ideas?

Are there any other AI algorithms applied in Automation Hub?

To add to this, will it identify as a duplicate if the idea has been Archived or previously rejected?


There are no AI algorithms applied in Automation Hub.
When submitting an idea, you are asked to select the categories in Question 3 (at least the first level is mandatory). So when I say that the categories are being used, I mean those ones. The more granular you go into selecting the categories, the less the probability of actually having duplicate ideas.

Titles do not need to be exact similar. The title of the new idea can be a subset of keywords from another idea, and it would be signaled as a potential duplicate.

Details here.

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