Simiar as other that I can't execute "Call Transaction" under StudioX. Please help analyze

I’m new to StudioX and try to call transaction under SAP but it doesn’t success. When checked with SAP Admin ( Global Team ) about SAP GUI Scripting on Server side configuration, they told me that configuration set as configuration recommendation

Problem to use Call transaction.docx (436.5 KB)

Can expert help to confirm that SAP configuration at Server Side is correct setting?

Detail of my problem is showing in word docx.

output log is in the attached.
output.txt (6.3 KB)


Hello Supreedee,
welcome in the UiPath Community.

Is it possible for you to record and replay SAP GUI Scripting?

Choose SAP GUI settings and actions.


Choose the menu item Script Recording and Playback…

Now an additional dialog pops up. Press the record button and call a transaction code.

Press the stop button, go back to your SAP start screen and press the replay button.
If this works you can be sure that the SAP GUI scripting is installed and configured correctly.
You can find more information here.
Let us know your results.

Best regards

Hi Stefan

The script recording and play back is dimmed and unable to use as attached.

Not sure locked by policy or not.

ในวันที่ พฤ. 15 ก.ค. 2021 11:56 Stefan Schnell via UiPath Community Forum <> เขียนว่า:

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Hello Supreedee,
check this Configuration Steps:

  1. On Client Side - You can do it by yourself, without any admin rights.
  2. On Server Side - You must do it with your SAP Admin from the Global Team. Check all parameters, user_scripting = True, all other user_scripting_* set to False. And be sure that the switch is set on all servers.

If the configuration is correct your SAP GUI Scripting should work.
Let us know your results.

Best regards

Can you run/call database query using Studiox ?

HI @Supreedee

If the option “Scripting Recording and Playback” is Grayout, than it is super clear → you have to ask for the right authorisation. See the documentation here:

@StefanSchnell something new to learn :)))

Best regards, Lev

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