Silverlight selector problem

Hi Comunity,

I have troubles trying to get selectors from the specific internal silverlight page. The silverlight is installed correctly (developer version) uipath plugin for silverlight is also installed.

I CAN get the selectors of the elements from the sample silverlight page

However when I’m trying to get selectors from the other silverlight page (corporae internal) it only indicates the whole content of the site as the selector and no other element is selectable. Is there any way to make it work? The browser is IE.

Same issue, any resolution yet?

Hi @paulritzman

If possible, please provide the source of the affected pages. It would help our team to dissect the issue and hopefully implement some improvements :slight_smile:

I would suggest opening a ticket with our Support to follow on this issue.

In my case there was a silverlight embedded in a web page. The solution was to extract the embedded silverlight app link from the container, open it directly in browser and then it started working.

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How did you do this?

Here is the guidance I received from Uipath Support. This is based on MS Silverlight demo displayed initialy within the frame.

There is other version that works fine without extracting url

To automate this you have to follow below steps:

-Using Get attribute activity get the src attribute (Url) of the iframe element
-Build the URL
-Open the URL using Navigate activity
Above steps will open iframe object as a new web page and now you can select elements from the iframe.​

For more details about ‘Get attribute’ please refer below guides:

Hey there,

I am trying to get attribute for iframe element, but not able to retrieve the URL? can you share snap or code?


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To verify if it’s working first please inspect the code with browser on a actual webpage and check whether the silverlight object is actually embedded inside the webpage within the iframe. Chech if this iframe has a url


Yes,I can see silverlight object embedded . But cannot see URL for this iframe.
Image attached for the inspection output -


Can you please help what to do in case where there is no URL defined for iframe.

Are you using some public Silverlight application that we could have a look at or is it business specific solution?

Its business specific solution.

That makes hard to solve it. Only with some blind shots. Sorry for most basic questions but can you interact and use selectors with other Silverlight applications?
I have an unresolved issue where I have an application that is not embedded within any frame, but can’t indicate any control within…


There is a known issue with some Silverlight applications where selectors are not identified. It is solved already and will be public in the upcoming activities update :slight_smile:

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Hey , Can you please let me know how to get url from attribute and then build url, i am badly stuck here.

Please help