Significance of Transaction fields in REFramework


In REFramework template >> GetTransactionData >> Write Transaction info in Logging Fields:
What is the significance/purpose of out_TransactionField1 and out_TransactionField2 ?
Both are set to string.empty.

Kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance.

If you look at the Execution Logs for each Job run, you will see all the fields that are there by default. So, those represent other fields if you would like to add one to the Execution Logs. They are generically called Field1 and Field2, but you can rename them if you’d like.

Other fields which are added are TransactionID and Exception (like Application or BusinessRule), if I remember correctly. Personally, I removed TransactionField1 and 2 cause it was too generic for my taste… Also, the field name will say TransactionField1 and TransactionField2, so was a little weird.

If I confused you, go to the Add Field activity where they are added, and you will see why they are used.


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Here, do you mean the Logs we see in the “Jobs” page in the orchestrator?
Kindly clarify.

Those fields are only added to Execution Logs, which are located here: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs"

If you use analytic tools, you can use those fields to filter your data set.

The fields are not added to your Orchestrator logs.


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They also are added to your SQL database tied to the Orchestrator. Sorry, I forgot that point.

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