Signature image is getting forwarded in a mail

Hi Everyone ,

Im trying to forward a mail through outlook activity .The mail consists PDF files only , however the images in the signature is also getting forwarded . Could you please help me to resolve the issue to only send the PDF files in the forwarded outlook mail .

I tried to follow the solution given in one topic : How to remove particular attachment from mail message

But Im having an issue like

I changed the type to and then this is the error im getting

Hi ,

Please let me know if i am getting it right
You have a mail having pdf attachment which you want to send to some one else.

Use get outlook mail message and get the mail in
Mail message variable
Then try setting its body to blank
Then use send outlook activity for sending same variable.

@hk803592 , no. That is not my issue .

My issue is the images in the signature are getting forwarded as attachments .

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Can you help us here

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Iā€™m facing same issue