Sign-on screen does not appear

After I installed Orchestrator Platform 18.4 with SQL Server 2017 standard, Windows 2016, trying to connect Orchestrator from browser (both IE and Chrome) but just UiPath icon beats in center of the screen and nothing happens.
I’ve tried to install several times but I got the same.
Anyone have an idea what wrong is.

Many Thanks


Please use the below link

Thank you for a reply.
However I need On-Premise Orchestrator for testing production environment.

Thanks anyway

In that case would suggest you follow the installation guide


Can you access it fine using https://localhost directly from the Orchestrator server?


Hi @CIT,
You just add the orchestrator url in trusted sites (inside internet options)
and check compatibility settings in internet explorer.

Hi, Josh:
Thank you for your post.
Unfortunately I can not access Sign-on page like below.

Thank you anyway.

Hi, shankm

Thank you for your post.
I’ve got Sign-on screen after adding the URL in trusted site as your advice.

Thank you very much.

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