Siemens Teamcenter automation

Hey, Anyone knows about teamcenter activity automation?

Try this one:

  1. Install the Teamcenter Integration Toolkit (ITK) libraries: The Teamcenter Integration Toolkit provides the necessary APIs and libraries to interact with Teamcenter. Install the appropriate version of ITK based on your Teamcenter installation.
  2. Set up the UiPath project: Create a new UiPath project or open an existing one.
  3. Add the necessary dependencies: In UiPath Studio, navigate to Manage Packages and search for the Teamcenter Integration Toolkit package. Install the package to include the necessary activities for Teamcenter automation.
  4. Configure Teamcenter connection: Use the Teamcenter activities provided by the package to establish a connection to the Teamcenter server. Set the required connection parameters such as server URL, username, and password.
  5. Use Teamcenter activities: Utilize the Teamcenter activities to automate specific actions. These activities allow you to perform operations like creating, modifying, retrieving data, and executing Teamcenter workflows.
  6. Develop custom activities (if needed): If the built-in Teamcenter activities do not meet your requirements, you can develop custom activities using the ITK libraries and UiPath’s custom activity development capabilities.
  7. Test and execute the automation: Verify the functionality of your automation by testing it with appropriate data and scenarios. Execute the automation process to interact with Teamcenter and perform the desired actions.

Thank you so much!
I will try this and let you know.

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I did not find this Toolkit in my package.

Hi, do you know how to get this package?