SIEMENS desktop application automation with UiPath

Hi Guys,

I am trying to automate a desktop application (developed by Siemens). When I try to interact different windows/fields/treeviews with in this application with UiPath, I found the element structure is not at all user friendly and does not give any indication of what these elements trying to indicate in the actual application. I tried select items by image, text etc but the very selection sometimes select entire block of the application than individual selection.

Anyone has experience trying to automate any Siemens desktop application or similar desktop applications with UiPath. It has been a pain for me so far and I find no hope.

Appreciate your response


Were you able to figure out a solution to your query? I’ve have similar issue with one of the Siemens where the ‘click’ activity is selective entire title bar instead of an item from the title. Unsuccessful in editing using UI Explorer as well.

We decided to use Computer Vision but the implementation of it is not done yet. I am hoping this would solve the issue of hidden or lacking selectors on these applications.