Have you played with Siebel?


I did. Everything usually works as expected. The only strange thing I saw was that in some cases, when you had a script running on the background of an UI element, i had to use Click before type. In some cases you had to do an actual Click Activity before Type. The most extreme case was when you had a field that was running some real time searches and contained % before to identify the search. In that case I had to delete the default values using a while loop with backspace because Ctrl + A didn’t work properly.


I have been integrating Siebel Web Call Centre (v16.11.0.0) and have found the following:

  • Some web pages are dynamically created and the selectors change.

  • Some popup dialog windows have tables that don’t support selectors and I have to use hot keys to integrate with them.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

Many Thanks