Have you played with Siebel?

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I did. Everything usually works as expected. The only strange thing I saw was that in some cases, when you had a script running on the background of an UI element, i had to use Click before type. In some cases you had to do an actual Click Activity before Type. The most extreme case was when you had a field that was running some real time searches and contained % before to identify the search. In that case I had to delete the default values using a while loop with backspace because Ctrl + A didn’t work properly.


I have been integrating Siebel Web Call Centre (v16.11.0.0) and have found the following:

  • Some web pages are dynamically created and the selectors change.

  • Some popup dialog windows have tables that don’t support selectors and I have to use hot keys to integrate with them.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

Many Thanks


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Hi Badita…I started working on a project where the business uses Siebel CRM 7.8.
In the initial stages of our development we have come across with a situataion and we were not able to move forward with UI automation. So we started fetching data from backend tables.

The issue is in Sibel 7.8 there are few windows were we cannot find the reliable selectors for dropdown/text box/buttons etc. Moreover few views just behave like images although they have hyperlinks in it.

One scenario was to pick a pincode value. There is a Pincode field in one of the siebel screen where user clicks a small button in the field itself so that a picklist window will apper and then he/she will query for the pincode and then selects the appropriate record.
The same was not able to achieve by automation. The entire picklist windows appears to be an image. Tried all the possible ways but couldn’t find a solution so went for workaround. If you want to troubleshoot I will share the screenshots of the issue once I am in office

Were you able to complete automation?
Can you share workarounds you used?
i am facing similar issues and not able to move forward


Hi Sudeep,

We have found few workarounds depending upon the scenarios

  1. For selecting a row in siebel picklist we are using screen scraping and then click
  2. For fetching the data, as data scraping is not working we are using oracle db connectors and executing queries
  3. To query for a result from siebel screens - No workaround found - raised a support ticket to uipath. Today we have scheduled a screen share meeting - will let you know once we find a fix
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did you get any resolution on call with uipath, We are also looking for similer issue

Hi @rajait07 - Outcome of the call was to use scrapping methods to read the table structures in siebel and convert them to datatables using string manuplation methods.

There is no direct UI method to query for data through siebel screens as no proper selectors are found nor the send hotkeys doesn’t work.
The only workaround is to connect siebel backend database and execute database activities

you might have encountered this limitation regarding background Ui automation where you type into a text box and while the robot types the text, it is not “registered/reflected” until a hard press (foreground enter) is done. This is a known issue to oracle-based apps like Siebel over Open Ui web display. (Please note that Siebel over web can be displayed via 1. ActiveX for which we have Invoke ActiveX activities and 2. Open UI) UiPath is on top of this and fix will be provided to Robot Driver. If you have any engagement that requires this, the attached js workaround will work. It has to be used with the “Inject JS” activity, after writing the text with simulate. Target should be pointing to the input where the text was written.