Siebel value does not fall within the expected text field

HI Team,

We are doing data entry automation of Siebel application. Siebel having 20 fields , out of 20 fields we need to fill on 3 field Fname , Lname and email. We did this automation using browser recording sequence. while running the workflow its always entering data into the first textbox and subsequent. Its not filling Fname , Lname and email. I am suspecting the position of browser or scroll bar is creating problem. I do not know how to fix this, Can anybody help me ?


I will be more than happy to help,

just that I need to see your XAML to provide you a better answer. Try to simulate what you should do after clicking the first text box, and if you have to enter the name on the second text box try to use + “[k(tab)]” to go to the second text box.

let us know please.


I’m curios about Siebel. Should work. Can we setup an online meeting - webex?

May I know which version of SIEBEL you are using >

you might have encountered this limitation regarding background Ui automation where you type into a text box and while the robot types the text, it is not “registered/reflected” until a hard press (foreground enter) is done. This is a known issue to oracle-based apps like Siebel over Open Ui web display. (Please note that Siebel over web can be displayed via 1. ActiveX for which we have Invoke ActiveX activities and 2. Open UI) UiPath is on top of this and fix will be provided to Robot Driver. If you have any engagement that requires this, the attached js workaround will work. It has to be used with the “Inject JS” activity, after writing the text with simulate. Target should be pointing to the input where the text was written.