Show the user element info of previously recorded element

Some applications/web browsers may have nested elements, if the root element was already identified as another object in object repository, Studio throws the below error message. This is correct, but lacks actionable information.

In our case, we had around 45 elements and we were uncertain where the duplicate element was as we were still new to Object Repositories.

Studio Stable 21.10.5

Current behaviour
During the creation of a Object Repository library we found a non-informative popup message that says


Here the user is left with no additional information on which element is being duplicated. This can happen as developers may not finish developing Object Repositories in one sitting and can forget items which were previously identified.

Expected Behavior:
We can let the developer know which item clashes with the current object/identification by using the element’s Unique ID and/or the user defined Element Name.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thanks for the suggestion @jeevith, our UIAutomation and Studio team will consider it :slight_smile: