Show Arguments in Locals

am I able to watch anywhere a value of an Argument like I can see Variables in Locals during Debugging?
There are no Arguments in my Locals panel to see.

Thank you

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You can see the value of the arguments in debug mode, when the execution is done executing everything in that workflow and finally comes back to the main container.

So put a break point at the top of the container and when it comeback to it, step into it and you should see it


the values for the arguments in the locale panel are shown only when it is executing the main container… So adding a break point to the main container will help you do it… At the beginning of the execution of the main container, it will show the arguments and their values. If you have any output arguments that get assigned within the workflow, those values will be shown again once it executes all the internal items and when it get back to the main container to get out of it…

Hope it helps!!

Correct me if I understand you wrong. If I have two containers C1 and C2 and I invoke C2 from C1. You told me that I can see values of the arguments for C2 in the Locals of C1 when the job of the C2 is done?

My want is a little bit different. I want to see in debug of C2 what value I have got in Argument from C1.

yes… at the beginning, you will be able to see input arguments when C1 is selected by the debug mode… then once you are into C2, those will not be shown as those belong to the C1. It’s similar to the variable scope that we declare… :slight_smile:

if you want to see the input argument values in C2, then you might need to get them assigned to a set of local variables with the scope of C1. so that it will be visible anywhere in the workflow

Hope that helps!!


In the locals panel, you can see only variable values, argument values will not be available, to see the argument values you have to print the argument values before any invoke

Actually argument values will be visible when you transition in/out of the invoke just before it moves inside the invoked seq ans comes out.
Post transition it will not be visible :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replys. I thought so, sadly. Do you think it is a feature or it maybe will be to see some day? :slight_smile: