Should WebRecording generate an 'Attach Browser' container?

From what I’ve tested it generates an ‘Attach Window’ container, but going through the Foundation Training got me to believe it should generate an ‘Attach Browser’. Or did this change with the Studio version?
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Hi @codecrz

When you recorded, the browser was already open? Because if it was, the Attach Window was generated because the activity only has set the browser as the Active window on the screen.

I guess that’s why generated this activity

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Hi @Yan_Boos,
Thanks, your answer would make perfect sense. However in my tests I couldn’t ‘convince’ the recorder to add the Attach Browser, regardless if it was already open or not.
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Hi @codecrz

Could you let us know the version of Studio and all activity packages in the Package Manager?

I’ve just tested it on 2019.1 and it works exactly as @Yan_Boos has mentioned:

  • Attach Window if we type into an existing window
  • Open Browser if opening a new browser
    Both tested with the Recording->Web option.

Hi Maciej,
I tested again (in 2019.1.0 CE) and it works like you described. I cannot replicate my previous test or I was still on the previous version. In any case it works fine, thanks for the reply!

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